Vichar Vartul

Vichar Vartul is a college Study Circle started with a view to provide a platform to students and faculty members to express their thoughts, views and reflections on current social, educational, academic and moral issues of the society. The objective of this Study Circle is to make students think about current issues and topics and express freely on the same. Freedom of expression, to cultivate thinking process and reasoning are the main goals of the Study Circle. Study Circle is actively organizes programmes and activities that could motivate and inspire the student to think and to express. During the whole academic year, Study circle regularly organizes expert lectures, talks, debates, symposia, seminars and workshops. The Study Circle immensely developed the interest of the student and many of them actively participate in the talks. These kinds of activities help to awaken their latent potentialities of speaking and expression.
  1. To develop thinking and expressive ability of the students
  2. To make students aware about recent issues and perspectives
  3. To make students think and express themselves on the issues
  4. To develop innovative thinking, public speaking ability and group discussion
  5. To make students capable enough to express and present themselves before audience.
  6. To develop national sentiments, reverence for national culture and identity.

Sr. No.Dept.YearTitle of the ProgrammeDateNumber of Participants
1Vichar Vartul2015

My Views on Reservation

Speaker: Prof. Vidhyut Joshi

2Vichar Vartul2016

Sufi Music and Sufi Dialogue

Sufi Music by Shabnam Virmani

Sifi Dialogue by Aarif Mohammad Khan

Vichar Vartul

Gandhi Katha

Speakers: Kumar Prashant

Shri Raghuvir Chaidhary




Vichar Vartul

Topic: Kashmir: From a Different Perspective

Speakers: Shri Jitendra Philip

Shri Dankesh Oza


Arts Commerce College Unjha