Research and publication are the important endeavors of an academic scholar. As a part of awareness and advocating research activities, the institution always allows researchers to access its resources for genuine research activities. Its library and internet facilities are often utilized by the researchers of the campus. As far as creating awareness is concerned, the institution has recently organized a national seminar to attract young and seasoned researchers to create awareness and to share their findings with fellow researchers. The institute often arranges scholarly lectures of renowned researchers to advocate research activities and create an atmosphere. The lectures of renowned researchers like Dr. Amrit Patel, Dr. Ghanshyam Shah, and Dr. K.C. Barot etc. have provided guidance to students and community to initiate research activity.


The institution has Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Library and Research Center. The institution is aware of the new emerging areas of research. To meet the need, it always develops its infrastructural facilities and enhances the library resources. The separate department chambers with computer, internet facility and intercom facilities have been allotted to the faculty members. The institute is planning for departmental library and subscription to various e-journals and e-libraries. It also plans to provide LAN connections to connect all the departments to share their documents and research findings. The college is also planning to provide the library catalogue in a software program to all the faculty members to save time and provide easy access to all the available books of the college library. The principal often invites suggestions from the faculty members to enhance the library resources and infrastructural facilities for promoting research activities


The research activities of the college and its faculties confined to various subjects of humanipties, economics and psychology as it is an Arts and Commerce college.
The institution always encourages teachers to participate in various national and international seminars, conferences and symposiums.The institution provides internet access to all the teachers. The institution allows teachers to borrow more books from the library for their research purpose. The principal also encourages the faculties to apply for UGC sponsored research project. The principal and the office provide all necessary documents for applying. After the project is sanctioned and the grant is received it is handed over immediately to the principal investigator of the project. Any investigator hasn’t demanded for reduction of his/her work load, the college authority may consider the demand if it is required by the investigator. The institution often sanctions leave as per the requirement of the investigator. It provides necessary documents and also motivates the research scholars for smooth progress.


Committee comprises following members:



Designation in the Committee

Dr. Rakesh Rao


Pro. Dr. A.S.Jadav


Pro. Dr. D.B.Chaudhari


Pro.Dr. I. K.Mansuri





Aims, objective and functions of the committee:

  • To help the library staff in updating and arranging all books systematically.
  • To make students aware of how to locate books by using the catalogues.
  • To assist the library staff to keep books and the library neat and clean.
  • To maintain a record of all books with their prices.
  • To circulate and provide IPRs protection information, orientation and facilities to University researchers & students.
  • To purchase useful reference books and textbooks
  • To guide & advise researchers on how to obtain & sustain patents, trademarks and help them approach patent information centre (PIC).
  • To select new books and magazines for display
  • To organize various IPR awareness programmes, workshops and seminars in colleges.
  • To organize workshops on API, Fundamental Rights, Copy Rights, RTI Act., Patent Rights, Plagiarism, etc.
Arts Commerce College Unjha