Research Facilities

The institution assists the teachers by providing him all necessary documents required for application or submission, and also grants leave, if required. It also provides necessary help for utilization certificate and submission of the final report. Moreover, the institute provides free access to the internet for their research activity and correspondence. It has already given laptop to each of the faculty with a 4 GB pen drive. It has also provided a computer system to each of the departments to help the department in its academic activities.


1. Research centre : (For Faculty and Students)

College had developed a research centre in the library where separate research corner is given to the staff and students with 24 hrs internet service, desktop computer and online resources.


 2. Department research zone:

College has also developed separate departments as research hub where a faculty can involve themselves in research activities. In respective departments, they are given separate laptops, pen drives, and desktop computers with internet facilities.


List of Equipments

Name of the instrument


Personal Laptops


Laser Printer


Pen drives to Faculties


Department Computers


Research Zone Computers


  • A. S. Jadav’s Minor Research Project relates to the lives of Adivasi in North Gujarat Region. The research throws light on many undiscovered hidden facts of tribal life. At present he has been working to publish his research work in a book form. This book will be useful to the scholars and social workers of the related area.
  • J.B.Rathawa’s research on Sanskrit literature focuses on some aspects of Jainism. It can be useful in proper understanding of theories of Jainism and addiction as an evil.
  • D.B.Chaudhari’s research focuses on regional novels. His research out comes has provided a new perspective in understanding regional novels.
  • N.R.Prajapati’s research work on Cooperative Banking can be benefactor y to all cooperative sectors.
  • R.G.Rao’s research on American Literature has contributed in the field of literature.
  • Manisha Shah’s research work on Diaspora and hybridity can provide a new understanding andinsights to cultural studies.
  • Illiyas Mansuri has recently completed research on Dalit Literature, which can be useful in understanding the downtrodden mass of the society.
  • Mahesh Jani’s research work highlights on the plight of Girmitiya and depicts the expression of the diasporic persons in the form of literature.
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