History of Unjha

Unjha – Abode of Goddess Umiya


Unjha is situated in the Mehsana district of North Gujarat. In ancient times, Unjha was known as Umapur or Uchhanagar. It is an ancient town established by the Patidar kings. Unjha is the birthplace of Patidar community- one of the most influential and majority community of many ancient scriptures we can find references of Unjha village. Since time immemorial, Unjha is considered to be the abode of Patidar community. The historical Unjha nagar is also the residence of Jain community. The name Unjha is derived from the ancient Umapur or Uchhanagar.

 Unjha is also a resting place of Goddess Umiya. Goddess Umiya is one of the incarnation of Goddess Parvati and clan deity of Kadva Patidar community.  The renowned temple of Goddess Umiya was initially built by ancient kings of Unjha and later it was reconstructed by the patidar community. Temple is located in the heart of Unjha and has become a large pilgrimage where people from all over the world visits every year. Unjha and temple of Goddess Umiya both are the emblem and identity of patidar community living all over the globe and also the center of their faith and reverence for Goddess Umiya

Unjha – Spice City of India

Unjha developed into an agrarian town when the Government of India established APMC in the year 1954. As a result, Unjha became a hub of organised wholesale selling and purchase of various spices like cumin, psyllium, oil seeds and fennel seeds. Thus Unjha became the epicenter of trade and commerce of North Gujarat and known as the spice city of India.

Unjha has given many notable and hardworking personalities to the world who poured their sweat and blood to nurture this region. Great people like Shri Maganlal R.Mehta, Shri Natvarlal Mehta, Shri Vadilal Chhagandas, Shri Vasudev Raval, Shri Chhotubhai Pandit, Shri Kanjibhai Patel, Shri Budhalal Shah, Shri Harnarayan Acharya, Shri Pratapsinh Brahmbhatt, Shri Mohanlal Patel and many others contributed significantly in the development of North Gujarat religion.

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