History of College

Shri Bhagvatprasad Pratapsinh Brahmbhatt Arts and Mohanlal Hargovanbhai Guru Commerce College was established by the Unjha Education Board in the year 1965. The Unjha Education Board is a philanthropic, generous and visionary social group which was established in the year 1935. In its origin, it was a philanthropic group of merchants also known as Grain and Seeds Merchants Association.Before 1965, there were many higher secondary schools in villages but there wasn’t any institute of higher education in the whole region. Merchants, social workers and educationalist of Unjha felt an urgent need of a highereducation institute.The vision and dream to provide higher education to the children of the area transformed into reality by the generous donations of Shri Bhavatprasadbhai and Shri Mohanbhai. Their efforts laid the foundation of the college in1965.

The college building was inaugurated by renowned selfless constructive worker and social reformer, Shri Ravishankar Maharaj in the year 1965 and thus it laid the foundation of higher education in this semi-rural area of North Gujarat with a view to providing higher education to all the sections of society irrespective of class, creed and religion. 


Initially there were only 110 students in 1965-66 but gradually the institute saw an increase in the number of students and in the year 2006-07, the number of students reached up to 1885. Economically backward and underprivileged classes also got an easy access to higher education. The impact of the education is seen in all walks of life, particularly, economic, social and cultural.


It has created healthy, social and better economic environment across the society. The spread of education has drastically narrowed the disparity between the two genders-male and female. The entire set up of the society has been revolutionalized by the spread of education. The mission of the institution-need and quality based education to all-has been by and large fulfilled to some extent.Today the institute has achieved many milestones in its educational journey.

Our Milestones

  • The institute has completed 50 glorious years of its inception and also celebrated the Golden jubilee in the year 2015.
  • The institute offers 10 courses at U.G. and P.G. level and certificate courses in association with BAOU Study Centre.
  • NAAC Re-accredited with “B” Grade in 2nd Cycle with 75 CGPA and KCG AAA accredited ‘B’ with 2.77 CGPA.
  • Government of Gujarat awarded it with two Stars through GSIRF
  • A strong, disciplined faculty team in which out of twenty two permanent faculty members, fifteen are Ph.D. and four are pursuing Ph.D.
  • Faculty members regularly participate in state, national and international seminars and conferences and present their papers.
  • University examination results of the institute are either higher or equal to the results of the University.
  • Interactive learning through assignments, seminars, monthly tests, and projects etc.
  • College initiated many activities like No Plastic Zone, Installation of Solar panel, Cleanliness drive, Tree plantation week celebration etc to promote environmental consciousness in and around the campus.
  • A well functioning IQAC.
  • Well-planned, systematic infrastructure for healthy ambience.
  • A well equipped library with a good collection of standard books and journals witha space for reading, where 50 students can be accommodated at a time.
  • Assist students in availing financial scholarships from Government and management.
  • Guide students for competitive examinations, placement and career counselling.
  • Cultural activities, sports activities and celebrations for holistic development of the students.
  • Applying for the Center for Excellence status as the ongoing process of self-evaluation and quality improvement

The institution is engaged in an ideal and noble profession of imparting higher education. The aim of the institution is to provide opportunities of education to all students, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and sex. The institution’s aims at giving access to education of good and standard quality to the rural and agricultural students of the area. The subjects taught in this institution are mainly connected with Arts and Commerce Faculty. These subjects inculcate the values such as India’s cultural heritage, egalitarianism, democracy, secularism, equality of sexes, protection of the environment, removal of social barriers, and the modern entrepreneurship of the business temper. The institution aims at creating peaceful co-existence among different sections of society. It provides access to equal opportunities to the underprivileged students. In short, the mission of the institute aims to creating a society free from prejudices and complexes transmitted through the social environment and the accident of birth. It provides equal access to every student regardless of his/her origin. The college provides the opportunities to students the education of his choice.

Vision :

To create a healthy, secular and democratic environment and community, which can nourish basic human values that mould an ideal citizen endowed with liberal and global thinking.

Mission :

The mission statements of the institution are:

  • To enhance and to improve the quality and the standard of education.
  • To impart humanistic as well as practical day-to-day technical knowledge.
  • To be in tune and harmony with the rapid changes in the field of education.
  • To be the high standard institution of learning in North Gujarat region.
  • To set-up innovative and need based programmes of learning.
Shri Bhagvatprashad Pratapsinh Brahmbhatt
Shri Mohanlal Hargovanbhai Guru
Shri Pratapsinh Vaghajibhai Brahmbhatt
(Donor of Arts College)
(Donor of Commerce College)
(Donor of Arts College)

The success of the institution depends on its decision- making process, strategic planning and teamwork. The members of the Management, the principal, Heads of various Departments, Office Supervisor and Conveyors of Committees play vital role in the entire administrative process. The vital decisions concerning academic and administrative issues are generally unanimous and collective. Each bodies or units of the college are involved in the decision taking process.

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