Best Practice


Best Practice-I

  1. Title: District Level Mega Job Fair
  1. Goal:
  • To enable students to know the future career opportunities.
  • To enable students to prepare themselves for global trends.
  • To provide a platform for the students for recruitment.
  1. Aim and Objectives:
  • To enable the students to know the requirements of the industrial sector.
  • To encourage the students to achieve required qualifications and merit.
  • To prepare a wide platform where industry and students can meet each other and fulfill each other’s requirements.
  • To prepare and motivate students to learn career oriented skills.
  • To encourage students to be more career oriented.
  1. Context:
It is generally observed that students are not conscious about their career and placement during their graduation or even during Post-Graduation studies. They start thinking seriously about it only after the completion of their studies. They spend more two or three years in finding jobs and suitable career options. Sometimes they have to complete other substitute degree or certificate courses to secure a job which also takes time of a year or two.  With an aim to prepare the students for future competitive world, college decided to organize a placement fair which will be a useful and effective platform for the students to know the challenging of placement and career opportunities. To provide a clear understanding of the recruitment process and career, the Placement Fair will be a better medium through which the students can get a real picture of the competitive world during their studies.
  1. Practice:
It was decided that institute will organize District Level Mega Job Fair in association with the District Employment Exchange office, Mehsana. College UDISHA Club and Placement Cell were given the responsibility to organize this event on 26th June, 2018. College Placement Cell initiated a wide publicity campaign to spread the information of the placement fair. District Employment Exchange Office also made contact with the students registered by them through their office at Mehsana. Employment Officer Shri A.L.Desai and Shri Maheshbhai T. Patel, Inspector, Employment Exchange, Mehsana, Dr. B. J. Prajapati, Hon.Vice-Chancellor, HNGU, Shri K.I.Patel, President, Shri Unjha Education Board, Shri H.K.Patel, Collector, Mehsana District and other dignitaries remained present with their staff. College staff members has made all the arrangement regarding the registration, sitting arrangement, interview rooms, waiting rooms, registers and other necessary documents. Executive managers, managers of 51 companies were remained present. Around 2318 students had submitted their online registration forms and 1800 students were remained present for the final interview process for 1946 vacancies. Finally, 998 students got selected for the various jobs and received primary confirmation from the companies and firms. Dr.A.S.Jadav and Dr. J.B.Rathava and their team were available round the clock with contact numbers and sitting arrangement map in command area. They guided the students in different rooms for personal interview. Students enthusiastically participated in the process. Students who cannot able participate in the fair were also there to observe the selection process.
  1. Evidence of Success:
  • More than 2318 students made online registration, 51 prominent public sector companies remained present in the Placement Fair.
  • Total 1800 students faced the final phase of interview for 1946 vacant posts.
  • The Placement Fair created a zeal and enthusiasm among the students to prepare themselves for competitive world.
  • Students get acquainted with recent trends of placement process and career opportunities.
  • 998 students were selected in different companies and for various jobs.
  • The institution successfully created awareness among the students for their studies and career planning.
  • District Level Mega Job Fair proved a pathfinder for those who were in search for a right direction of their career.
  1. Problems Encountered and Resources Required:
  • Some of the students are not able to register themselves for the placement fair.
  • Initially some students hesitated to face the interview process.
  • A Few students cannot decide which offer they should reject or accept and it took lot of time.
  • It was a rainy season so it was very difficult to commute for the students as well as for the staff members.
  1. Resources Required:
  • Initial fund received from the management to organize the event.
  • University also allotted the fund under the head of UDISHA.
  • Collaboration and linkages with the public and private sector companies and firms
  • Coordination with the District Employment Exchange Office.
  • Team work, planning and organizing skill of the entire staff

Best Practice-II

  1. Title: University Level Yoga Training Workshop
  1. Goal:
  • To create awareness among the students for Yoga and ancient Indian traditions
  • To propagate and promote the importance, knowledge and practice of Yoga for healthy life
  • To teach the students the benefits of Yoga and teach them to implement the same in their daily life.
  1. Aim and Objectives:
  • To enable the students to know the benefits of Yoga
  • To encourage the students to implement Yogic practice and other healthy practices in their life.
  • To teach the students how to live healthy life through practicing Yoga.
  1. Context:
  In the modern age of urbanization, industrialization and Westernization, the simple life has become complex, hectic and polluted. Children as well as youngsters have become addicted to western life-style, excessive use of mobile phones, junk food and hectic life-style. They have become victim of unhealthy life-style and unknown diseases. They are suffering from stress, loneliness, anxiety, identity disorder, suicidal tendency and negativity in life. In this context, this Yoga Training Workshop will be a very crucial and important way to lead the generation towards a healthy and pleasant life-style. By practicing Yoga in their day-to-day life students will not only uplift their living but also able to discard unhealthy habits. In this way, through this workshop students as well as people will become aware about the benefits of Yoga and its healthy effects.  
  1. Practice:
  Our college expressed its willingness to host the workshop to the University authorities in General Meeting of the University. Subsequently, it was decided by the University that University level Yoga Training Workshop will be held from 03 to 05 January, 2019 in our campus in association with Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan. College N.S.S. Unit took the responsibility to organize the workshop. College circulated invitation cards to all the University affiliated college and invited them in the workshop. University also issued a circular to all the colleges to send 02 students from their respective college in the workshop. Inaugural function was organized in the college seminar hall were all the dignitaries were present. The dignitaries who remained present were: Dr. Chandansinhji Zala    Vice Chancellor of Lakulish Yoga University, Ahmedabad Shri K.M.Patel               President, The Unjha Education Board Dr. Vinodbhai Chaudhary Director, Dept. of Physical Edu. and Cultural Activities, HNGU, Patan The workshop continued for three days and total 78 students from different college participated in it. During these three days, different subject experts and Yoga teachers trained the trainees. They taught them different aasanas, suryanamskar, breathing exercises, foot reflexology, mind control techniques, meditation and other Yogic exercises.  
  1. Evidence of Success:
  • 78 students from more than 27 affiliated colleges took part in it for three days.
  • Some of the staff members were also participated in some of the training sessions.
  • Students were motivated to learn more Yoga lessons and they included Yoga in their routine.
  • Students became conscious about their health problems and their habits.
  • They learn the benefits of Yoga to live happy and healthy life. They also learn the harmful effects of junk food and stress.
  1. Problems Encountered :
  • Some of the students from other colleges belonging to the remote areas of the various districts they remained absent.
  • It was difficult to make subject like Yoga interesting for students.
  • It is uncertain that all the students will include Yoga in their routine
  • If they will not include it in their routine, they will not be able to get full advantage of Yoga.
  1. Resources Required:
  • Coordination of the institute with the HNGUniverssity, Patan.
  • Allocation of funds by the University and management of the college.
  • Awareness in the students to join such health related practices
  • Coordination with the experts of Yoga, trained speakers as well as teachers who himself has practiced Yoga.
  • Team work, planning and organizing skill of the entire staff
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