Assessment and Accreditation

Assessment and accreditation is a part of quality improvement for the higher education institute. Shri B.P.Brahmbhatt Arts and M.H.Guru College always believes in quality improvement and constant search for standards. IQAC of the college aims to achieve qualitative upgradation, academic vitality and enriched teaching process.


The IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) of the college comprises of the 12 members. IQAC conducts their meetings in meeting hall of the Unjha Education Board in the beginning of the term. In this meeting almost all issues related to college performance and progress like the result analysis, admission, committee formation, infrastructure, teaching work load etc. are discussed. On the basis of these healthy discussions, the IQAC concludes the meeting with certain resolutions. IQAC submits the proposals along with suggestions for institutional development to the dignitaries of Unjha Education Board. The principal and the management take decisions regarding admission, recruiting new staff, infrastructural facilities to students and staff, commencing new courses etc considering the proposals of IQAC.  After this, the principal implements the decisions by taking necessary steps. He ensures the optimum implementation of the decision. IQAC thus, contributes in taking almost all important decisions regarding administration and teaching-learning process.

The management always thinks positively at the recommendations put forth by IQAC. Last year IQAC proposed for the following reforms in the system.

  • IQAC proposed to make arrangement to deposit the fees directly in the bank by the students.
  • It proposed to start  new courses
  • IQAC proposed to form Student Council.
  • IQAC proposed to introduce E-class for teaching-learning process.
  • It proposed to include more members in it.
  • It also proposed to place CCTV cameras in the campus for monitoring.

Most of the above mentioned reforms were approved and implemented during the academic year 2012-13 &2013-14. IQAC has four external members in its committee. The IQAC included two new members from the town. Two external members of IQAC are from the Alumni Association of the college. It plans to extend the number of members in it. As the institution has started to form Students Council from the last year, IQAC may involve two student representatives in it. The students play a major role in assuring quality of education imparted by the institution. It is through their active participation in classrooms that the quality of the education is maintained.


The institution has internalized the best practices in order to improve the functioning of the academic and administrative systems. The insistence on student’s participation in academic and administrative matters has improved the quality of the education and administration in the institution. Their inclusion in IQAC is also a part of this vision of the institution. The students come forward to maintain the best practices evolved through academic and administrative systems. The administration in the institution is maintained by the involvement of the staff at every level. The examinations are held quite smoothly by the active participation of the staff. The teachers have been quite supportive to the academic needs of the students by offering them reading materials and tutorials.


Within the existing academic and administrative system, the institution has developed mechanisms of its own for the quality assurance. The academic quality of the institution is evaluated on the basis of the performance of the students in their examinations. The teachers also judge the student’s academic abilities by way of question-answer and written tests. The poor students are helped by the teachers to improve their academic quality by taking extra classes and providing books and literature. The administrative system also looks after the quality education in the institution. The different committees set up by the institution are always aware to the administrative needs.


The academic and administrative systems in the institution have been quite effective to the enhancement of quality education. The academic quality of the institution is maintained by the teaching and learning processes. The administrative quality is maintained by the effective functions carried out by the various committees. The two mechanisms are interdependent and, therefore, there is no scope for any failure in any system. Head of the institution conducts meeting regularly and visit the class rooms to ensure proper delivery of the material and timely completion of course as per syllabus in time.   


The college always maintains its academic standards, exploring new opportunities and horizons through the process of self-accreditation and evaluation.  College is committed to inculcate and implement new academic initiatives to keep it rapport with fast changing academic world. College was accredited in 2014 with ‘B’ grade which is a crucial landmark in the annals of the institute. The quest for excellence and perfection in academic sphere led to the AAA award in 2013 and GSIRF (Gujarat State Institutional Ranking Framework) accreditation with 1.98 CGPA in the year 2019 by Government of Gujarat.

AAA Certificate

NAAC certificate 2007

NAAC Certificate 2014

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